Foxmere Farm

Welcome to Foxmere Farm

Foxmere Farm was established in 2005 and is situated on 25 acres of rolling hills, hayfields and woods complete with a lovely brook. Nestled in over 400 acres of farmland, Foxmere Farm offers groomed trails for a picturesque riding and driving experience.

We have over 44 years experience in training Standardbred trotters and showing sport horses in a variety of disciplines including hunters, dressage, eventing and fox hunting. They have also run a very successful hayride business for over 20 years.

In addition to our experience with horses, we also provide dog boarding, pet breeding consultation, and a veterinarian on call.

horse trottingWe have raised and raced some of the best Standardbred trotters in the country, including a famous stallion,  who still holds a track record. We raced our Standardbreds at Yonkers, Roosevelt, Meadowlands, Foxboro and Maine. In addition to our love for Standardbreds, we always admired Percheron draft horses. Over the years, we have successfully trained several teams. (Please see our Lessons page if you are interested in learning.) This has allowed us the fun of doing hayrides, weddings and other special events with them. Additionally, we have enjoyed showing, events and fox hunting in the past.

Our pet keepers dog boarding kennels seem to be the favorite around the area of cleanliness, friendliness and overall value. Come by for a visit and check us out for yourself. Ask about the “Playschool” option and the “Swim Team” add-on.

horse riding lessonsFor your outdoor “special” treats, sit down with us to design your own special hayride or any other event you have in mind. (See our Services page.)  You may also be interested in training and selling sport horses for driving, hunting, showing and trail riding. When time allows, we do take a select few horses in for training. On occasion we have miscellaneous items for sale to include saddles, sidesaddles, harness, carriages and sleighs. In our spare time, we enjoy restoring carriages and sleighs for our own use or resale. Use our Contact Us page to ask any questions.

horse and dog farm